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We know that 85 – 90% of new product launches fail.

Early stage of innovation funnel is the most vulnerable. Without a robust and systematic screening system, many truly big and breakthrough ideas fall by the wayside and fail to enter the funnel.

Developed and perfected by Unilever, IdeaSwipe is a behavioral economic led research technology platform which has tested 10,000+ ideas across 40+ markets already. Its interactive mobile-first solution has powered up innovation funnels with strong and powerful ideas.

Now, you too can use IdeaSwipe through Brandscapes Worldwide, to select your truly winning ideas!

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Salient Features

result in 1 days


IdeaSwipe is engineered for agility. It does not matter whether you have 5 ideas, or 50; whether you want to test in one market or forty: you will have your answers within a week, sometimes even faster

engrossing gamefication


Let’s face it, people don’t enjoy participating in surveys. IdeaSwipe’s gamified platform makes the process FUN and FAST. Happy consumers give better answers!

leverages consumers intuition


Standard research methods are rational and left brain focused. IdeaSwipe’s behavioral economics led questioning encourages consumers to use both their intuition and judgment for answering questions.

globally available


IdeaSwipe has been developed and perfected by Unilever, an innovation powerhouse. Over 10,000 ideas have been tested in over 40 markets and the number is growing every week! To see a list of 40+ markets covered, click here.

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Stan Sthanunathan

Stan Sthanunathan

Executive Vice President – CMI, Unilever

“In a world where pace of change is accelerating, brands can’t survive without innovation. Generating ideas at scale is relatively easier. However, identifying the winning one is the key to success. Doing this better, quicker and cheaper is even more important.

At Unilever, we have developed IdeaSwipe, a nifty tech and behavioural science powered tool, to evaluate ideas at scale. Brandscapes is our global partner for scaling it around the world?

Why Clients Love IdeaSwipe

Industry experts mention their experience using IdeaSwipe and the excellent results they have achieved

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